Smarter Automated Test Systems

Outsmarting Your Smart Device-Under-Test (DUT)

What makes a test system smart? It takes flexible and software-defined I/O modules to sense the right connectivity for synchronization and data streaming (whether locally or to the cloud), and computational horsepower for signal processing where it can have the most benefit.

NI’s approach to automated test empowers smarter test systems. With a platform built from the ground up for customization—either through the latest commercial technology or through your domain knowledge—you become part of a living, breathing, and evolving ecosystem that’s already responsible for creating innovative approaches to automated test across every industry. No other technology company in test and measurement spends more on R&D to upgrade the intelligence of your test system. No other vendor has the track record of growth and commitment to collaborating with our customers. And we’re only getting started. Read on to learn how you can build smarter test systems to tackle smart devices with help from an open platform combined with a vibrant ecosystem.